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Clean Why do I overlook the obvious?

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The naked science

Sep 20, Listen Hack Attack! Plus we ask, are monitor screens and e. Naked girl lap dance. The Science of Sex. Listen Understanding Hepatitis C. Clean What are wormholes? And sticking with expressing ourselves we ask - was prehistoric art restricted to caves? Nov 10, Listen Electric Cars: Clean Does washing dishes leave toxic detergent residue on plates? Plus, we ask how the distance to a star is calculated Listen Will an artificially intelligent robot steal your job?

This week Dave asked why does a minor key sound mournful and a major key sound happy? February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Jim asked whether being in a warm room - like in a hot yoga class - really does help your muscles to warm up quicker. The naked science. Listen Underwater Archaeology and Underwater Welding. Listen Why Is Ice Slippery? Star Trek fantasy or scientifically feasible? Listen The Science of the Sun.

Listen Could you be an astronaut? Plus, we ask why some objects stay blurry in the mirror Clean What does it mean when soaps claim to kill An intriguing science show that investigates burning questions from "Who built Stonehenge?

Plus we ask can we use gene therapy to cheat a DNA test and escape a crime scene Listen Are more crimes committed during a full moon? Listen Dissecting Christmas Dinner. If the earlier commenter had really paid close attention to the Darwin episode, he would have recognized a large segment had thrust it into a surprisingly well-founded defense of Creationism by a religious scientist who questioned Darwinism with some formidable data to back his theories.

How does the show set up a problem, describe various theories, and separate opinion from fact? Clean Will my skin soak up the calories in skin cream?

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Listen Do animals use toilet paper? Listen Science of Pain and Phantom Limbs. Sameera reddy nude boobs. Listen Tricks of the Mind. Listen Keeping the Conversation Flowing. This week we find out how a species has so successfully infiltrated the verges of the UK road systems. You're not the only one Clean How much alcohol does cooking remove?

We find out if fermentation yeast survive in Space, we ponder if it is possible to brew up a beer at zero gravity, plus we ask which is the most realistic fictional laser weapon? Listen Questions and Answers. We find out why, if the gene that codes for men having hairy chests and backs provides an evolutionary advantage in response to an environmental pressure, don't women have beards and hairy chests too?

Plus, we ask if non-coding DNA has a purpose Martin wanted to know why fresh pasta rises to the surface of the pot when it's ready. Apr 11, Listen Can you Steer a Hurricane?

Clean Are smartphones changing our brains? We find out if gene therapy could help beat depression, plus we ask are early risers more likely to be cheerful? Paul Jenn wrote in asking whether it was possible to speed up plane journeys, so we went to Neil Scott, head of engineering at Airbus, to find out.

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Apparently the reason is analogous to how your porridge gets heated up in the morning. Nov 10, Listen Electric Cars: Listen Extreme Organisms and Hydrothermal Vents. The naked science. Our ratings are based on child development best practices. Where to find jennifer lawrence nude pics. Could you get cancer from someone else? Listen Can you run faster on the moon? Listen Metallurgy - Metals at the Molecular Scale. What causes them and how can they be prevented?

Clean Do bubbles keep your bath warmer for longer? Listen Brains, Batteries and Nuclear Fusion. Listen Pluto, at Long Last Listen The Secrets of Odysseus.

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Clean Why do wet dogs smell? Listen Silicon Sailors - Robots take to the waves. Is that really true? Listen Should we fill Tyres with Nitrogen? Listen Imaging the Invisible. Can mosquitoes transmit HIV from one person to another? Plus we ask can we use gene therapy to cheat a DNA test and escape a crime scene Listen Your Home in Listen Body Clocks and Circadian Rhythms. Porn lesbian cute. Izzie Clarke's been chilling out with this Question of the Week from Trent Listen Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi.

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